IOT Device Manager

Take complete control of your Devices & Sensors.

Securely Manage your Business entities with ease.

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Secure Device Management

Secure TLS/SSL Communicaiton. Strict Device Authentication. Access Control for Device communication. Configurable Security Alerts.

Complete MQTT Support

Powerful Rules

Create rules and workflow to enable seamless M2M communication. Configure Email alerts based on device errors based on messages.

Faster time to Market

Easily Manage Devices

Edge devices listen to commands. IOT Device Manager allows you to send Commands to Devices in Groups or inidividually.

Message Queue for further processing

Complete MQTT Support

The Broker is built as per the MQTT Standard and allows you to connect any devices and gateways built as per Standard.

Transform MQTT Messages with rule engine

Events & Command History

Review all the data received as events and sent out to the device as commands from the iot device manager for each device.

Get Alerts & Notifications

Brilliant Visualization

Visualize the device data as line, Bar and Pie charts as needed. Charts can help you understand the trend over a selected period.

Store mqtt data in database

Easy User Interface

Easy to use & powerful user interface to manage the connected devices, configure access keys and previllege and create alarms & notifications.

Take Pride with your Brand

Highly scalable and SaaS based platform can be hosted in your Business Name. Self hosted solutions with all security features.